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We work with our valued customers in transforming their business by embracing cutting edge technology. It significantly improve operational efficiency, increase agility to adapt to business changes, and enable business model innovation.


Tritronik supports its clients to implement big data analytics. With big data analytics, the clients can obtain a 360-degree view of their customers, allowing them to increase revenues by utilizing the insights.

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Smart BuildingTritronik offers smart builing solution that will improve energy effiency by avoiding wasteful use of energy and resources. This will reduce energy costs as well as lower maintenance costs.
Smart buildings utilize sensors to connect one element to another. Data are gathered continuously and in real time. Real time analysis allows the building to automatically adjust conditions based on collected information.

Smart MonitoringTritronik’s smart site monitoring allows its users to monitor remote sites with sensors. Among other things, the sensors detect temperature, humidity, on/off conditions of electrical utilities (lamp, AC, etc.), leakage, fuel/water levels, battery levels, etc. The system sends alerts to users when certain threshold levels are breached, for examples: low fuel level, door opening, high temperature.

Smart InfrastructureTritronik’s Smart Infrastructure refers to managing city infrastructure efficiently. This includes smart lighting for streets, connected streets, smart parking management, smart traffic lights, etc.​ In short, smart infrastructure collects data from sensors to make better decisions on managing resources efficiently.​


Tritronik’s Mediation System collects data from various resources, normalizes the data and transforms them for various systems that requires the data for their functions. Data processing can be performed in real time or in batches.

For billing purposes, the data collected are usage records. For network management, the data collected are alerts and performance data from network elements.

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