Real-time Analytics

Tritronik Real-time Analytics (RTA) is a system used to analyze company data in real time. RTA will provide real time actionable insight and decision making capabilities. The analysis performed on actual data to find out what is happening now and what is likely to happen next.

RTA is helpful to analyze the data with a very rapid growth and with a large amount of data. With the RTA, the analysis can run as fast as the incoming data stream. These solutions help companies more quickly and efficiently in anticipation of the changes that occur. RTA and historical analytics systems can complement each other to provide new capabilities for the company to look at opportunities.

RTA will capture the required data from multiple diverse sources, then the data is processed in accordance with predetermined formula. The information generated is distributed to multiple systems or consumers that will benefit of real-time information. The information generated by the RTA can be easily changed as needed by changing the formula.

Features :
  • Analyze, compute, detect, and correlate business events and event patterns on the fly.
  • Best approach to process huge and time sensitive data.
  • Most effective way to correlate information from multiple diverse sources.
  • Focus on current and future data.
  • Complement historical and predictive analytic.
  • Could employ the benefit of data sampling.
  • Provides real-time visibility of processes.
  • Generate situational awareness.