Mediation System

Tritronik Mediation System (MS) is a system for services and resources management such as call data collection and network management. MS mediates OSS and various applications with managed/network elements (ME/NE) or Element Management System (EMS).

MS is equipped with various interfaces to NE and ME, including: asynchronous/synchronous serial interface, magnetic tape (MT) interface, Ethernet, and custom interfaces for legacy systems. The serial interface is used as general purpose communication link to the NE/ME, whereas the parallel MT interface can be used as high bandwidth data transfer link. Supported by various protocols, MS mediates numerous equipment types which include fixed line, access, transmission, broadband, data, and mobile equipments.

MS has proved its functionality and performance to mediate hundreds of Telkom Indonesia`s local exchanges and various telecom equipments to Call Data Collection system, network management system since, and other OSS applications. MS supports various local exchanges, access networks, mobile switches and EMS.

For call data collection, MS supports collection and distribution functions as well as archiving. For network management, MS supports inventory, fault, configuration/provisioning, and performance management functions. MS is connected to OSS and other applications through standard protocols such as SNMP, CORBA and Web Service, and also through various TCP and UDP based protocols.

The system is designed to operate unattended and supports local or remote maintenance with command line and web interface. System monitor module with comprehensive system log aids system maintenance and troubleshooting.